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Online Drum and Guitar Lessons



If you have questions about our studio policies call


Please call/text the office if you are unable to attend your lesson.


We ask for a 2 week notice of intent to discontinue lessons.


We reserve the right to discontinue lessons if the student isn't practicing or payments are consistently late. In addition no lessons will be given until we receive payment in full including any late fees. 


Make up slots are on a first come first served basis as available in the schedule. Make up lessons have to be made up within 2 weeks of the missed lesson. Only 1 make up time is offered and will not be rescheduled if missed for any reason. Priority is given for missed lessons due to work, school or illness.

You receive 3-4 free lessons per year depending on the day of your lesson. For instance in 2023 (3) are given for Monday students and (4) for T thru F students. This is due to the 5 week months.

Call us at 540-335-6648 to schedule your free consultation

A Parent or guardian must be present for students under 16.


After your consultation if you would like to begin lessons call 1-540-335-6648 to arrange a suitable lesson time to begin. At that time we request payment for the remaining lessons in that month. 

No lesson times will be held without payment.

Thanks for choosing Drum and Guitar Workshop!

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